APS Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology

Muscle Plasticity Visualized: Novel Techniques to Examine Mitochondrial and Nuclear Activity in Muscle

Symposium — Monday, April 4, 2022 — 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM — Convention Center, Room 203B
Environmental and Exercise Physiology Section — Chair: Yuho Kim

Just as advancements in molecular biology led to marked improvements in our understanding of muscle gene expression some years ago, so too has remarkable recent progress in microscopy techniques revealed the molecular underpinnings of muscle biology and adaptations to exercise and training. Super-resolution microscopy of muscle organelles has provided us with heretofore unparalleled insights into muscle morphology and adaptation. This Symposium will feature speakers with magnificent illustrative microscope imagery that has led to a revolution in our understanding of 1) mitochondrial composition and structure in health and disease (Vincent), protein transport to nuclei in single fibers (Teixeira), 3) mRNA trafficking, processing and localization (Wang) and 4) mitochondrial morphology during muscle development (Kim). This Symposium will illustrate the power of conventional fluorescent, as well as high resolution electron and fluorescence microscopy techniques to reveal answers to significant questions in muscle biology and adaptation. These include questions such as 1) how is the mitochondrial reticulum visualized and compartmentalized in developing and adult muscle, 2) what is the impact of mtDNA disease, 3) how do mRNAs travel within muscle cells, 4) what regulates protein trafficking in the nucleus during adaptations to atrophy and hypertrophy?
The Symposium will be of interest to muscle biologists, exercise physiologists, and cell biologists interested in these very powerful and emerging technologies. It will also illustrate important techniques that trainees should be well aware of for their own future careers.


  • 3-D Electron Microscopy of Muscle Mitochondria in Health and Disease
    Amy Vincent — Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Newcastle

  • Postnatal Development of Mitochondrial Reticulum in Skeletal and Cardiac Muscles
    Yuho Kim — Department of Physical Therapy and Kinesiology, University of Massachusetts Lowell

  • Visualizing mRNA Processing in Muscle Cells
    Eric Wang — Molecular Genetics & Microbiology, University of Florida

  • Nuclear Protein Transport in Muscle Cells: Influence of Atrophy and Hypertrophy
    Ana L Teixeira — Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics, Karolinska Institute

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