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From the Brainstem to the Heart: Cardio-Respiratory Control in Ectothermic Vertebrates

Symposium — Monday, April 8, 2019 — 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM — Convention Center, Room W312B
Comparative & Evolutionary Physiology Section — Chair: Tara Janes — Co-Chair: Justin Conner

Cardio-respiratory control represents the most vital of central nervous system processes to support life. Over the years, our community has made great strides in elucidating the relevant anatomical loci (i.e. brainstem), neurophysiology and sensory/motor pathways involved in cardio-respiratory control. However, the sheer complexity of cardio-respiratory neural networks and their regulation of respiratory muscles, vasculature and the heart has hampered progress within the field. For example, the precise locations of respiratory central pattern generating areas, and their rhythmogenic mechanisms remain a subject of intense debate. Recent advances utilizing non-mammalian preparations have demonstrated a high degree of structural and functional conservation between vertebrate taxa. These findings are intuitive, as cardio-respiratory control likely evolved early in the vertebrate lineage, and points to a clear utility of non-endothermic vertebrate models in cardio-respiratory research. Moreover, given that cardio-respiratory control evolved in the context of highly variable environments, in animals with diverse physiology and life histories, comparative-focused research will expand our mechanistic understanding of the “strategies” employed by cardio-respiratory networks under varying conditions. In this context, the primary objective of this symposium is to provide a timely update on state-of-the-art comparative research and promote discussion on fundamental mechanisms of cardio-respiratory control applicable across the field. This proposed symposium will highlight work by Drs. Wang and Hartzler on the integration of cardio-respiratory control in ectothermic vertebrates. Further presentations by Dr. Mutolo (respiratory rhythm generation in lamprey) and Dr. Perry (hypoxic responses of zebrafish, D. rerio) will focus on comparative respiratory control. Given the growing interest for comparative models, and that Experimental Biology is well attended by physiologists with a comparative background, this session should be of interest to a broad audience.


  • Canceled —

  • Temperature-Dependence of Respiratory Control in Air Breathing Vertebrates
    Lynn Hartzler — Biological Sciences, Wright State university

  • Chemoreception and Reflex Control of Cardiorespiratory Function in Fish
    Steven Perry — Department of Biology, University of Ottawa

  • Modulation of the Lamprey Respiratory Rhythm by Neuronal and Glial Mechanisms
    Donatella Mutolo — Department of Experimental and Clinical Medicine, University of Florence

    Tara Janes —

    Justin Conner —

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