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Kaley Award Featured Topic: Cerebral Vascular Dysfunction and Impaired Cognitive Function

Featured Topic — Sunday, April 22, 2018 — 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM — Convention Center, Room 22
Cardiovascular Section — Chair: Richard Roman — Co-Chair:


  • 20-HETE, vascular dysfunction, hypertension and susceptibility to kidney disease and impaired cognitive function.
    Richard Roman — Dept of Pharmacol and Toxicol, Univ. of Mississippi Med. Ctr.

  • Elevated Aortic Stiffness is Associated with Weaker Executive Function in Individuals with Lower Cognitive Reserve via Reductions in Frontal Cerebrovascular Reserve
    Lyndsey DuBose — Dept of Health and Human Physiology, Univ. of Iowa

  • Pharmacologically-induced impairment of neurovascular coupling responses alters gait coordination in mice
    Stefano Tarantini — University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

  • Obesity in aging exacerbates neuroinflammation and alters eicosanoid profiles in the mouse hippocampus: potential role in impaired synaptic plasticity and cognitive decline
    Tamas Kiss — University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

  • Endogenous Renin-Angiotensin System Activation Causes Accelerated Cerebral Vascular Dysfunction in Mice Expressing Dominant-Negative Mutations in PPARĪ³ in Endothelium
    Anand R. Nair — University of Iowa


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