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Steroid Receptor Signaling in Cardiovascular Health and Disease

Symposium — Tuesday, April 24, 2018 — 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM — Convention Center, Room 22
Cardiovascular Section — Chair: Milton Hamblin — Co-Chair: Jean-Pyo Lee

This Symposium will outline and highlight new mechanisms of steroid receptor (i.e., estrogen, mineralocorticoid receptors) signaling pathways and potential sex-based differences in steroid receptor mechanisms in cardiovascular physiology and pathophysiology. We anticipate this Symposium will appeal to attendees interested in steroid receptor signaling and provide researchers with the latest developments on new mechanisms. This Symposium will showcase diverse vascular beds in different disease processes, including ischemic-reperfusion injury, right ventricular dysfunction, and cardiovascular disease (CVD). First, Dr. Elizabeth Murphy (NIH-NHLBI) will discuss the critical role of endothelial estrogen receptor-alpha in mediating estrogen-dendrimer conjugate protection against cardiac ischemic-reperfusion (IR) injury. Dr. Jean Chrisostome Bopassa (University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio) will focus on G protein coupled estrogen receptor-induced cardioprotection against IR injury and the interaction of mitofilin and cyclophilin D. Next, Dr. Jane Leopold (Brigham and Womens Hospital) will discuss the role of aldosterone/mineralocorticoid receptor activation in pulmonary vascular remodeling and right ventricular dysfunction. Finally, Dr. Iris Jaffe (Tufts University Medical Center) will present work focusing on mineralocorticoid receptors in vascular function and CVD.


  • Estrogen-dendrimer conjugate protection against cardiac ischemic-reperfusion injury is ablated in mice with endothelial-specific loss of ER-alpha.
    Elizabeth Murphy — National Heart Lung and Blood Institute

  • Crucial role of mitofilin and cyclophilin D interaction in post-ischemic GPER1-induced cardioprotection against ischemia-reperfusion injury.
    Jean Chrisostome Bopassa — University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

  • The role of aldosterone-mineralocorticoid receptor activation in pulmonary vascular remodeling and right ventricular dysfunction in pulmonary hypertension.
    Jane Leopold — Brigham and Women's Hospital

  • Sex differences in the role of endothelial mineralocorticoid receptors in vascular disease.
    Iris Jaffe — Tufts University Medical Center

    Milton Hamblin —


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