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Comparative Perspectives on Maximal O2 and CO2 Transport in Animals

Symposium — Monday, April 23, 2018 — 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM — Convention Center, Room 25C
Comparative & Evolutionary Physiology Section — Chair: Michael Hedrick — Co-Chair:

This symposium will highlight recent work on the comparative physiology of maximal oxygen and carbon dioxide transport in animals. Maximal rates of O2 and CO2 transport vary widely amongst animals that use a variety of locomotor modes including swimming, crawling, running and flying. Regardless of locomotor style, maximal rates of O2 consumption are supported by increased conductive and diffusive fluxes of oxygen from the environment to the mitochondria; maximal rates of CO2 efflux from the mitochondria to the environment must also be matched to oxygen flux. The extent to which increased conductive and diffusive fluxes limit maximal O2 and CO2 transport, or whether the limits to maximal rates of transport differ for O2 and CO2, remains to be established among various groups of animals. Symposium speakers will highlight various aspects of maximal O2 and CO2 transport and provide insight into how evolution has shaped the gas transport architecture and physiological processes in a variety of animals.


  • What limits cardiac output in vertebrates?
    William Joyce — Department of Bioscience, University of Aarhus

  • Getting to the heart of the matter: oxygen supply and demand in fish.
    Georgina Cox — Department of Pharmacology, University of Pennsylvania

  • Maximum gas exchange rates: Lessons from across the vertebrate spectrum.
    James Hicks — Center for Exercise and Sports Sciences, University of California-Irvine

    Michael Hedrick —


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